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Friday, July 10, 2009

Breaking Out the Bubbles!

Only one more day until our car wash! We still have posters to make and fliers to hang up in strategic places. No telling what kind of “last minute” things will pop up, not to mention who will actually show up to wash. I could try to organize it down to the last detail, but the best laid plans are often thwarted! Not to mention that I feel REALLY funny about instructing my volunteers to work times and duration they don’t want to. The LORD will provide, or else we will have a long day by ourselves!!!
Bless Marcia’s heart, she has made numerous calls for the bake sale part of Saturday’s fundraising. We have our own muffins and breads to make: Hannah has a list of delacasies she wants to bake for tomorrow.
Hopefully the rain will hold off…