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Monday, November 23, 2009

Waiting for a Word

Last Thursday the CCAA was supposed to decide if Xi Fan’s referral could be transferred to our agency, but as of Friday evening, we still have had no word. If I am not mistaken, they were going to also going to let us know if we could do the second adoption at the same time. These are pretty big decisions, and although there is no real reason for denying this adoption, we know that it isn’t a “sure thing”. I have been fine with not knowing all the way up until today, and now the doubt is creeping in. I know that God has ordained this adoption; if I didn’t believe, I would be riddled with anxiety. God is bigger than the boogie man, Godzilla, the monsters on TV, and any doubt that may sway me from standing firm in my faith of God’s will for our family.
Hopefully we will have a positive word by tomorrow!
Believing Him,

PS On a side note, Hailey did really well at state yesterday. Unfortunately, her ambition and adrenaline made her jump the gun on her start, so she DQ-ed for her 100 back, but she was still the fastest freshman in the backstroke there! Too bad they don’t medal by class…Her relay team finished 9th overall. It was a great first time showing at state—and she’ll have three more years to improve!