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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today we had our fingerprinting appointment. We were there before it opened, and I was the first one through. From the time the doors were unlocked to the time we walked out, only twenty minutes passed! I expected it to be like the SOS office, where the waiting goes on and on. Now we are waiting to hear that we are approved. THIS IS THE LAST PIECE OF OUR DOSSIER before it will be sent to China!!! Whoo-hoo!

On another note, our eldest son, Austin, boarded a plane this morning, ultimately headed for China. He will be spending 18 days in Beijing, Changchun, and a couple of other cities, soaking up culture and studying Mandarin. He started his learning of the language when we lived in Shanghai in his freshman year of high school. Last year he completed his virtual classes of Mandarin 1. Now he is combining both of those experiences this summer. Although he would meet up some of the other Confucious Institute students in Detroit, he boarded the plane in Grand Rapids ALONE!!! As a mom, I have prepared him for spreading his wings and flying since he was a toddler, but AS A MOM it was hard to see him go! Thankfully it is only for 18 days, and I have a couple more years of him at home. J I am glad to say that I did NOT cry when he left, although I may have “leaked” a little once his back was turned.