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Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 77

I feel the need to get the day count out of the way, so I can continue on with everyday life. It is always in my mind, my thoughts, and my plans. I am trying HARD to not to fret over it, b/c all the worry in the world won’t change it one bit. I cannot manipulate it in the least way, so I must learn to accept it as totally out of my control. I know that the LORD has it all worked out, and nothing is too big for Him. I know that he wants to set the lonely into families, and I am praying that he will move the hearts and hands of the men involved to get that letter of approval here. That said, my heart continues to leap into my throat every time the phone rings…
We had a very unexpected surprise this weekend! While visiting his mom in Xian last spring, David briefly met another woman volunteering in Starfish Foster Home that was from Australia. Making the off-hand comment, “If you are ever in our neck of the woods...” David offered a place to stay to Tracey. Fast forward to September: I get an e-mail from Tracey saying that she WAS going to be in our neck of the woods…could she and a friend stay for the last weekend in October? Friday was a day of preparation, of course, and since I didn’t know either woman from Eve, I was a bit nervous about how the weekend would play out. I can honestly say that I felt like we entertained angels!! Tracey and her friend Nicola were wonderfully sweet, entertaining, and fun! The kids ALL loved them as well. We had busy schedules, but were all allowed to go our ways and still have great times of fellowship. Saturday night wrapped up with movies and pizza in the basement, crazy photos in the family room, and singing musical songs by the piano and guitar until almost midnight! The older kids convinced them to sing for their Sunday school classes before they left, which was so fun!!!
Tracey talked to me about the adoption process in Australia, and she made the comment how LUCKY we are to be expecting our letter of approval this EARLY in the process. She knows people who have been waiting FOUR years for a child. Australia doesn’t like SN kids, as it is a governmental-run health care system, and their adoption process is typically more time consuming than ours (GASP!!!). So, I was reminded that it is all how you look at it; I am trying to look at it with God framing this whole process.