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Friday, December 18, 2009


It is SO FUN to see how God takes our small efforts and multiplies them…
A friend of our family, whom I will refer to as “M” (b/c I didn’t ask if I could share her story…but it is SO BEAUTIFUL I just have to share…and allow her to remain anonymous) has helped us through our adoption process. She has adopted in the past so she understands my feelings and obstacles without my having to expound on them. She has a heart for orphans, and has sought out God’s will for starting an orphan ministry with us in our church.  During our first meeting last month, while we were in prayer for God’s direction, she prayed for God to remove the walls of our hearts to what HE has in store for all of us. M admits that she was praying that for everyone else in the room, but little did she know that God was pointing at her!
 A couple of weeks later she told me via e-mail that she had some big news to share with me, but would wait for church to share. Being the patient person that I am (HA!) I immediately asked her about her news…and put the ultimatum out that if she didn’t tell me, I would assume that she was pregnant. She laughed, saying that it would have to be a miracle of God if she was pregnant, b/c she received a hysterectomy years ago. God heard her laughter and started to move…
M said that she regularly receives newsletters from her agency she used to adopt her girls, but she rarely looked at any of the photos of waiting children. FOR SOME REASON last month when the newsletter found its way into her mailbox again there wasn’t a photo that caught her attention but a short bio about a 14 year old boy from Ethiopia. FOR SOME REASON, God asked her, “Why not you?”
“No, God! I’m all done! I can’t adopt again!”
Why not?
“I have all that I can handle! We’re full!”
You have an extra bed in the basement and an extra seat in the van. There isn’t anything you and I can’t handle together.
“No, God! My heart is in Guatemala!”
My heart is with orphans. Where is your heart???
Needless to say, God won the argument.
Sadly, the first boy was referred to another family, but as M says, there is probably another one out there that has been chosen for her family. She also says that although she laughed at me before when I asked her if she was pregnant, she now FEELS pregnant…in her heart!
I am SOOOOOO head-over-heals happy for M and her family! I am so excited that we will be able to walk through this process with them as they have been walking with us!
Thank you God!

We tried, but…

No matching grant for us. That makes 3 denials, one more to go. I did contact another organization on the recommendation of someone from Family Life Today, but that fell flat as well. The backdrop is becoming more bleak, so God will REALLY be able to show himself to be BIG.
I have said it before but it deserves repeating: we have been SO blessed by other people’s efforts on our account and their encouraging words as well. We are continually humbled by other people going to bat for us! Even if we aren’t helped financially, I feel rich by the blessings we have been given.

On a separate note, our packages were delivered to Hope and Amanda’s orphanages. I don’t know if the girls received them, but we have done what we can to connect with them before arriving. It’s hard to believe that we will see Hope in just over 4 weeks and Amanda in a little under 5 weeks! My heart is racing just thinking about it!!!
All my best,