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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Angel

We just received word that a Christmas angel has been found for us!! This angel has agreed to give a matching grant of $5000 to us!!!
After all the agencies and funds that are made up of hundreds of people denied us, this one angel has stood in the gap.

To say that I still feel “in shock” would be an understatement!

I wish I could know who this person is—I would love to thank him/her profusely!

As it is, I have/am/will continue to offer up prayers of thanksgiving and blessing on this individual. I may not know this person’s identity, but God does, and His blessings are WAY better than mine!

Now we need to bring in the extra funds so we can access this grant. People have been generous with us so far—is it too much to hope that there will be others who will help us also?  

I hope that I can offer something like this to another family in the future! I am truly blessed—again!

All my best,


All matching contributions must be sent to our Lifesong account with “Fathman 939” on the memo line.
The donations are tax-deductible too!