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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Got the Word…Again!

China issued us our letter of approval for Xi Fan today! Whoo-hoo!
Now both of the LOAs go to NVC of USCIS with our I-800s.  After they sit in the “lock box” for some indeterminate amount of time, they will be processed and approved by our pre-appointed officer. It takes seven to ten days for the National Visa Center (NVC) to send a cable to the US Consulate to indicate that certain preliminary steps for issuance of a US immigrant visa have been fulfilled. After receipt of that cable, the US Consulate typically takes seven to fourteen days to send the Article 5 letter to the CCAA. The CCAA then typically takes two to four weeks to issue travel approval after the consulate appointments are set up. Clear as mud yet?
Little does China know that with or without their “approvals”, we WILL be going to get our girls before the 19th of January. We may have to stay put a few more days in China, but that is the least of my concerns!
I praise God for delivering these clearances! I will continue to believe that He will see us through.
To Him be the glory,