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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday!

Amanda’s birthday is here! We are getting ready to celebrate her big two-digit birthday! The festivities began today, bringing cookies into her Sunday school class. Next will be her actual birthday DAY, with cookies brought in to her drawing class, followed by a trip to BWW for dinner. Dave and I typically go to BWW for our date night and I usually bring home 18 wings for the kiddos—6 honey BBQ for Hannah and Hailey, my non-spicy girls; 6 Thai curry for Hope and Austin; and 6 hot BBQ for Andrew and Amanda. Now she will be able to get as many as she wants, followed by her own birthday scoop of ice cream and a candle. Usually I wouldn’t go so lame for the cake, but we just made strawberry  and strawberry/rhubarb pie for Father’s Day and Mandy’s birthday party is on Thursday, which necessitates a cake. Mandy says cake gets boring after a while: I’m glad, otherwise I will be eating more than my fair share!
Amanda used to follow Hannah’s lead for the birthday planning and invite list. This is the first year she has expressed her opinion as to what SHE wants. I know that her virtual twin is still influencing her from the side-lines, but it is fun to watch MANDY plan her party. My “whatever” and “I don’t know” girl is finally growing into her own opinion!
Happy Birthday, my Amanda-Panda!
All my best,