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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fading…and Growing…

Hope realized that she is forgetting her Chinese. She has forgotten mainly the written characters, but the verbal is also slowly ebbing. This scares her, and me too. I promised her that she could take Chinese as a second language in high school, but she has another year to wait. Dave has jumped on this and has promised to get her an on-line subscription to a Chinese newspaper. I do NOT want this to be lost…there is too much of her in her language. She even has said that she is afraid to call her China mom b/c she may not know how to answer, and Minnie isn’t here to help anymore. I knew this would happen, but I didn’t want it to happen so quickly!
Both Mandy and Hope have learned SO MUCH English in the past 5 months! I know by the cock of their heads and the flat look in their eyes when they don’t understand, but we rarely use Google translate anymore. Hope gets lost when other people talk because they are either talking too fast or not taking “comprehension breaks”, but usually if I repeat what was just said or rephrase it, they understand. Mandy often plays the “HUH?” card even when she understands. I think it is either a game or a control tactic…but usually she can answer appropriately when asked about what is being discussed. I swear, Mandy’s middle name should have been “Me Too!” as she mirrors whatever her sister Hannah does.
Austin and Hailey have been busy swimming this summer for swim teams. They both are instrumental in Hope’s and Mandy’s desire to achieve in the pool…both girls are intent on learning to swim the butterfly!!! I told them to ask their swim teachers next week. I am sure it will come after freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke! Bless them for having such high aspirations, only a few months after entering the water for the first time. They were amazed that we had Austin, Hailey, Andrew and Hannah in swim lessons while they were still in diapers. J
Hope mentioned that she never went shopping alone with her China mom. She had an older brother who was a bio son, and he always chose to go with his mom to the market. She also said that she would say “hi” to her mom when she would see her and some small talk, but never anything beyond that. She said she felt shy by her China mom. How different it is now!!! She is always being engaged in conversation!!!  I am so thankful that she is my daughter!
One last thing…Hope keeps on saying that if Dave was in China, he would be put into a (mental) hospital for the crazy! Dave loves to dance crazy-like, embarrassing his daughters beyond belief! Just wait until Hope’s first dance at school…J
I am a happy and blessed momma!
All my best,