They are home! Thanks for your donations!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still No Word

We have paperwork signed, translated, and ready to send! Now we just need to hear from the CCAA.
Dave says that he won’t start pulling furniture out of the girls’ rooms until he hears the official word. Then we will keep ourselves busy moving furniture, posting it on Craigslist, stripping wallpaper, and putting a new coat on both the girls’ rooms. They will be sleeping on mattresses on the floor and using clothes out of storage containers for a while…but if Hailey’s clothes actually make it somewhere other than the floor, it will be an improvement!
On a side note, I had the opportunity to fast from coffee again, this time for another adoptive family that is going through an emergency adoption. Mary will be traveling over Christmas, and is flying through all her steps at breakneck speed. I had the joy and privilege of approaching the throne room of grace on her behalf today, and I thought of her often as my caffeine headache reminded me of what I did without! If you would like to join me in praying for Mary, she would really appreciate it!
All my best,