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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just checking in

It has been so long since I posted. Not because I haven’t had momentous things to share; it has been more of wondering what would be appropriate.
First, the noteworthy!
Our eldest son is off! He is officially in his dorm room at MIT, launching frozen chickens at stone pigs, having water wars, building and racing land yachts. We endured an earthquake going out and a hurricane coming back. He had a mandatory class about how to have sex without being charged with rape.(!) Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) has been a great draw for him and he looks forward to finding a home church.
Hope has decided to run with me! Originally she said that she would run with me in 10 years, but she decided to start now. Truth be told, Dave and I told her that she couldn’t ask to go back to the Great Wall before she started exercising here. About 2-3 weeks ago, Hope decided that she wanted to join me on my morning runs. At first it took her 27 minutes to run 2 miles; today she was at 18.45!  Hope has already thought about joining the cross country team next year with her brother, Andrew.
Amanda is ready to start school this fall. We have been doing the regular back-to-school purchasing for everyone else. Mandy has decided to get her school books out early and start her learning. She also has enjoyed doing mental math in the car…she is so quick in remembering her multiplication facts! A real difference between Chinese and American learning styles. Amanda has also been demonstrating her flexibility—she can put both her feet behind her head, do a back bend and curl her head to touch her knees, and while on her stomach, not only touch her feet to her head but bring her heels to her chin! We all gave her the appropriate ooh’s and ahh’s that she deserved!!
Our newest addition, Avery, continues to challenge our previous notions that we were good parents. A good morning often results in a difficult evening; a sulky am may lead to an easy pm. We don’t know how to predict the future; every day is lived moment by moment.
I really wish I could give a glowing report about domestic adoption!!! I would love for other people who won’t do international adoption step up and give a child a chance. But it can be hard. REALLY hard. We were blessed by two wonderful girls through international adoption that, although gave us a run for our money in the beginning, are the joy of our lives now. Perhaps others are experiencing our struggles after international adoption without the back door to put the child back into the system. The shame of disruption is much more real to me now, even though our current placement is still foster. I don’t know, although I do know that pride comes before destruction, and in hindsight, I am sure we were prideful before since both of our girls are so well adjusted. Not anymore.
I love other people’s blogs that show a snippet about their lives. I also love other people’s blogs that share the real parts of their lives. I hope I am sharing a bit of the same.
Tomorrow I am sharing the morning with two of my daughters and our exchange student at the mall to do some real girl time. The evening will be spent with the family, as Andrew is planning a dinner and dessert that will put all others to shame. I am a blessed woman!
All my best,