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Monday, September 7, 2009

Another check in the box

After planning for it all summer, filling up the garage with stuff so Dave had to park outside for the past two months, and postponing twice due to rain, we actually had the garage sale. The weather was perfect. It was a LONG day, about eight hours from start to finish. Unfortunately, we did not do very well with it. It wasn’t for lack of planning or lack of items—or due to overpricing the items. Stuff just didn’t sell. SO, a thrift store benefiting Guatemala was the recipient of our trailer-full of treasures. We did make one very nice sale, which made up for over half of the daily earnings, and I am grateful for that. A woman who is adopting from Ethiopia bought a bunch of our ski equipment, and I hope they have made good use of it on this wonderful holiday weekend!

I do want to thank some super women who gave not only their items but their hands and time as well: Marcia Kwantes, Melissa Charron, and Amy Van Oss were my heroes of the day! If it wasn’t for them, I probably would have been still setting up past noon!

A sad note: my keys seem to have pulled a vanishing act. I had them in my back pocket for most of the day, and only crossed the street once to use the gas station’s bathroom. I did ride with Austin to give thank you notes to the businesses that sponsored “Min Zhi Monday”, but I retraced those steps and asked everyone I had visited about them. No luck. SO, after a not-so-hot day of garage sale-ing, about half of what we brought in will go to replacing the key and keyless entry fob. (Sniff)