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Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 To Go!!

Dave and I are in Kunming to get Hope. We are scheduled to see her for the first time in FOUR HOURS!!! I have been up all night, even with an antihistamine in me. I think it is a combination of jet lag and anxiety...
The next day (Tuesday) we will fly to Nanning to get Amanda. After that I really don't know what our plans are. We don't officially have TA for Amanda yet, so hopefully that will come today.
I will write again when I have a moment. We may be going to the local Wal-Mart to get Hope some clothes later. Now, before you think we will be able to do this task with any kind of relative ease, let me assure you that China's Wal-Marts and American Wal-Marts are NOTHING alike!!! They have the same yellow smiley-faced character, but the similarities end there. I mean, where in America can you get chicken feet and jellied squid in Wal-mart??? Not that the 5 second rule for dropped food would be in effect in America's Wal-Mart, but here I have seen women whistling to their very-young children mid-aisle, even though the diapers were only 20 feet from them...
I will try to share more later! Please pray for us and especially Hope! 
All my best,

Good morning

Good morning one and all!

Mom and Dad are really boring.  We sat in the hotel room all evening.  We are getting ready to go to bed.  We get up in the morning and get XiFan at 9:00 am our time.  I still cannot grasp this all.

Pray for us, our kids, her, all of us!