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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Day for a Car Wash!!!

When I woke up to thunderstorms at 5 am, I was worried about the weather for our car wash a few hours later. God had worked it all out without my worrying, and by the time we were hanging last minute posters at 8:30 it was clear, breezy, and warm. Our dear friend Marcia arrived by 9 and we set up the tent, bake sale items, and did the last minute details. By 9:30 some of our volunteers arrived, and we were washing cars by 9:45. More muscle arrived around 10, and for the next 2 ½ hours we worked on a steady stream of cars. There were some friends that showed up and had multiple cars washed, but there were SO MANY that came that we didn’t know. We washed everything from a Jeep with a dog sitting in the back seat (who growled at anyone who dared to stick a hand past the exterior of the car) to LARGE pick-up trucks that we couldn’t reach the top of the front cab, to a boat. Several people also purchased some baked goods from the bake sale. At the end of the day we were blessed with almost $600!!! I am floored and humbled by the generosity of the community!

None of this would have been possible without all the help we received. A BIG THANK YOU to our car wash “staff”: Peter Rau, Cameron Beyer, Matthew Kwantes, Mike Kwantes, Caleb Kwantes (and a few of his friends), Jacob Charron, Bryce Van Oss, Allie Van Oss, and of course, Austin, Hailey, Andrew, and Hannah Fathman! If it wasn’t for Hailey and Allie’s loud voices calling in the cars, I don’t think that we would have had a fraction of what we did! I do think the surrounding neighborhoods were happy that they eventually stopped yelling, though (J), not to mention that Andrew stopped playing his trumpet at passing vehicles…

A shout-out goes to all the ladies that worked at supplying our homemade baked goods for the sale. I don’t have a listing of everyone yet, but THANK YOU just the same! And without the motivation and hard work of Marcia Kwantes, who delegated the baking and worked the bake sale the whole day by herself, none of that would have materialized. THANKS AGAIN!

Thanks to Dave Kempkers for offering the Hamilton Food Center for the location and water usage for the day. Being an adoptive parent himself, I didn’t need to convince him of the importance of the cause. THANK YOU!!!

I am truly blessed.