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Monday, December 31, 2012

We’re In!

A couple months ago Dave and I decided that both Hope and Andrew should join us in the Riverbank Run (25k=15.5 mi) next spring. This delighted both kids—and sent Hope to the treadmill! After she put in over 20 miles in the basement last week, Dave and I considered the next step…and signed up the four of us for a MARATHON next spring, one month after the Riverbank Run! Yes, that is a whole 26.2 miles to be run consecutively by four Fathmans with three cheerleading girls to root us on. J
As a side note, I am still healing from my foot surgery last summer, I have not run for weeks due to bronchitis, and marathon training takes a LOT out of a busy homeschooling mom’s schedule (heck, out of anyone’s schedule!)…but the marathon bug bit my dear husband and the kids’ interest were the rational to doing it now…I feel like a deer in the headlights but what can I say? We’re in this, and we’re doing it together.
What a great place to be!
Anyone interested in cheering us on this spring???
PS Although it will be in Massachusetts, my eldest will also be embarking on a run of a different sort: a “Muddy Buddy”, which blends 12 miles of running with multiple obstacles, mixing with ample mud, of course. I don’t jest when I say that the running stores received a large percentage of my husband’s paycheck this week… J Any east-coasters are welcome to root for Austin!
All my best,