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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finding Min Zhi

We found “our daughter” from the CCAA listing, which is “adoptionese” for Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs. After taking her medical forms to our doctor, we hurriedly threw together forms for our PA (once again, adoptionese for Pre-Approval) and by 2:30 on 5/20 we had a temporary hold put on her files. We later had our official PA from China almost two weeks later on 6/2. Now our dossier is notarized, verified, authenticated, and waiting at our agency for the last piece to be added. We have our fingerprinting appointment on 7/14, and *hopefully* we will have that approval to get notarized, verified, authenticated, and sent to our agency to join the rest of our dossier within a week. The next step is DTC, which means dossier to china. Then the next step is LID (log in date), and then LOA (letter of acceptance), and finally TA (travel assignment). After all of that, we will be buying our tickets to China!!!

Due to regulations in China, we cannot post Min Zhi’s photo until after we receive our LOA. I can tell you that she just had her 7th birthday on June 19th. She is about 4 feet tall, and weighs about 43 pounds. She is from Wuzhou, China (hence the blog name), which is in the Guangxi province southern China. She speaks Cantonese, but Mandarin in school. We have photos from the past two years of Min Zhi, and I will post them as soon as possible.

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