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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blessed and Humbled

I haven’t written about Min Zhi Monday because I was unable to collect from all of the businesses that sponsored the day. It was difficult to show up for, what I perceived, our “handout”. I know that each business owner agreed to support us, and that we washedHamilton in pink signs as well as posted it in churches’ announcements, so I felt a bit better about it since we did some “advertising”.

I can now officially say that Min Zhi Monday was a success. I can also say that I know that several of the business owners gave not only from their proceeds but from their wallets, too. Maybe I am just weird that way, but I have the worst time asking for money from others. I would rather do without something and pay it myself, but the staggering amount of money we need to pay forces me out of my comfort zone. Just asking for help is hard enough—I would rather be the one giving of my time, making meals, watching kids, cleaning houses, etc to help others. I must admit that I am shocked, surprised, and humbled that others would want to help me.

BUT it is not about me right now. It is about my daughter who is presently away from her forever family. It is about doing WHATEVER it takes to bring her home. And, just like on numerous occasions for each of my bio children, I will do whatever it takes to help her find her way home.

Hold on, Min Zhi! We are coming!!!

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