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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Still no LID

It has been 26 days since we had our dossier sent to China. We were hoping to have the LID over a week ago, but still no word. It is maddening, as our precious daughter STILL doesn’t know that she is wanted! Every day of the wait is hard, but at least we are striving towards a goal. She has no hope of a family yet! We are here, Min Zhi! We have been praying and striving to get you for months, and we will continue to do so until you are in our arms!

I finally was able to talk to Mary Hecky, who is the mother of Min Zhi’s best friend from the orphanage. Mariah, Min Zhi’s friend, talked to me on the phone too, and her English was AMAZING! Mariah has been in the states for a little over 5 months, and her English was as plain as any 1st grader. It was good to hear about Mary’s experiences, to take her recommendations, and to share her excitement. It will be great to get these little girls together one day!

Hoping for some news this week…

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