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Monday, December 21, 2009

We’re Not Alone

A fellow sojourner in the adoption trail just posted this. I thought it captured what has been bouncing around in my heart and mind quite well.
Not that it will change anything, but at least it gives words to the thoughts and emotions.
Thanks, Kathleen!
I know how hard it is to Fundraise!!! We are in the same position as Amy.

Isn't it strange that we both have to leave in about 4 weeks, we both started out adopting one child, and ended up with two because of an aging out child. Our aging out child is deaf.

That means for both us that we have an adoption bill of $35,000 - $40,000. Why does it cost so much to bring a child into a family? Don't get me wrong, I know where all the payments go to, but it is so inflated. It would be in the government's best interest to subsidize adoptions. That would lower their care taking bills. You know, I think they need women in charge of these areas, we usually put compassion first instead of numbers.

One of the side effects of fundraising is despair. It is hard to ask for help when you are always the one to offer help when needed. When you do reach out and don't get the results that make you hopeful, it can be quite debilitating. So you pick yourself up, because after all a child is involved, and try and try again. You know that no matter what you WILL be bringing the children home, but at what cost? Wipe out retirement when the husband doesn't have a job, choose to eat and not pay a bill? It is so hard...

All my best,

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  1. We donated to your adoption yesterday. I pray you are able to raise all the funds you need. We did a bit of fundraising for our adoption, but didn't raise very much. In the end, we acquired some debt, but our daughter is such a blessing! We stuck to a $ plan when we got home and paid off the debt in 6 months! Blessings to you!