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Friday, January 8, 2010

Make a Choice Already!

I LOVE GOD! My heart is overflowing with His praise! HE ALONE IS WORTHY!
It was quite an afternoon—
After being talked down to and brought to tears by our senator’s office, I was rather down to say the least. During a very “therapeutic” session of shoveling snow off our roof, God reminded me that HE hasn’t changed, even if our circumstances have. So I lifted praises to the heavens while standing on my rooftop.
Later, while shopping at a local food center I saw a girl we used to drive to Wednesday night church. In an inaudible whisper God spoke to my heart: Talk to her. Simple enough, I thought, so I stopped and chatted with this teenage girl. It was only small talk, but I was able to ask her about school and sports and other various things.  A few moments later while I was checking out, this girl got into line right behind me. She was only carrying a small sandwich from the deli, so I saw it as an opportunity to chat again. Once again, the whisper came: Buy it for her. It wasn’t a request, mind you, so I obeyed and told the person checking me out to add her sandwich. This girl quickly refused to let it be scanned, but I had the amount added to my bill to cover it. Feeling pretty good that I had obeyed, I told the girl goodbye and turned to leave. She ran after me, saying that she had to talk to me—and was rather distraught. Back in August we were TP-ed  and she admitted to me that she told the culprits where we lived and to being there while we were “decorated”. Bless her heart, her face was all blotchy, her eyes were watering, and she looked miserable! It was at that moment that I realized why God had been whispering to my heart…I had the profound joy of forgiving her and bringing her into a bear hug. I even forgave her if she had TP-ed us, just in case there was anything that she was not ready to admit. J When I said goodbye for the final time and saw her slip around the corner I knew that the small talk, emotional connection, and a $3.19 sandwich was just the appetizer for the main course. On special for today was a healing of the heart.
I am SO THANKFUL that He started the process on the roof—had I been inward focused, I might not have seen her, or felt like I had time to talk, or refused to buy the sandwich. Praise God that he got my heart in the right place so His blessings could flow!  And then, once I returned home… (see next post!!!)
All my best,


  1. I love this.... God has a way of changing the focus off us and on others and then blesses us!

  2. Just beautiful how He worked in your heart and that you were open to hearing Him and acting on His call. I saw your update on LCC and was so thrilled for you!