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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anticipation and Apprehension

Today our middle school has a job shadowing day for the kids in seventh grade. Andrew is going to work with his dad, as did his brother four years ago. Hope didn’t know about this until yesterday when everyone at school was talking about it. She was confused as to why she wasn’t going with Dad too. I tried to explain to her that she wouldn’t know much of what was being said. I didn’t explain (but know full well) that her lack of social tact (yelling “Dadeee”, interrupting while adults are talking, etc) would be a problem for Dave. I told her that she would have a special time with Dad next year and she is already counting down the days! She also is counting the months until she can to drivers ed. Unfortunately, Hailey told her soon after her arrival here that she would be old enough to learn to drive this September and Hope hasn’t forgotten (why couldn’t that be something she didn’t understand?!?). We are continually telling her that she needs to be in high school before she learns to drive (house rules!) so now she wants to go to high school next year.  For a girl that was afraid to try new things when she first arrived, she certainly has had a boost to her confidence and is ambitious about new experiences!

Yesterday Dave taught Hannah and Amanda to drive our go-kart. Hannah really wanted to learn but was deathly afraid of going too fast. She did a stop-go-stop-go circle around the front yard and was satisfied. Amanda wanted to try just because Hannah did it.  Dave showed her the gas and brake pedals and they practiced stomping on the brake several times when he yelled “stop”. THANKFULLY God prompted Dave to put his hands on the roll bars just in time b/c Amanda punched the gas and froze. She would have ended in the trees or upside down or something…instead the kart popped up almost vertically until Dave got her to brake.  She continued to do her circle in the front yard but this is why Mandy’s photo has Dave’s hands on the roll bars.

Thank you God for keeping your hand on ME even when I think I can do it all by myself. Thank you also for not giving me everything I ask for when I want it. Your timing is perfect!

All my best,

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  1. Love the new pix and stories!! I copied Brenda on your blog so she got it too.
    :-) Lavonne