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Monday, September 10, 2012

Our New Normal

Recently, we have been faced with changes and new beginnings:

Austin left for MIT. 
Hailey and Hope went to work at their new cleaning business they started together.
Andrew and Dave made and shot off a potato canon (Wow! It was crazy-loud and powerful!)
Hannah and Amanda started their new “official” dog care business together. (my babies!)
Hannah and Amanda also started riding bikes with hand brakes—no more little bikes for them!!!
Hope ran 19 ½ miles!!! (she missed a day of training during the week b/c it was 88 and full sun by the time she woke up—she ran two on the treadmill, but was bored beyond tears and biked six. She made up yesterday’s run this am and today’s run this pm!)
We all (minus Austin, but we thought of him frequently!) made marshmallow shooters and had a marshmallow war. Our dogs had a great time cleaning up after us!
Hailey took the ACT, swam for hardware in West Michigan Relays, and then finished at her part time job at a local ice cream shop.
(deep breath!)
Such is a day in our life.

Our days are full. Our dinner table is not. Even when we had Austin’s friend over for dinner, I felt that we were missing someone…Hailey asked who wasn’t there, and my first response was that she was…where???...who???...then I realized we were all together. Now we have a real opening at the table. Our lives are busy and full—I am not lacking anything! And yet…

I will be content with all things—but change is normal—and what will tomorrow’s normal be???
Praying for what God has in store for us!
All my best,

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