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Sunday, August 30, 2009

God Stop

In Beth Moore’s bible study, Believing God, she describes moments worthy of remembering what God has done as “God Stops”. Let me share what HE has done for us.

As my 40th birthday rapidly approaches, David set up a night away in a Hampton Inn in Holland. Between the fact that we were 30 minutes from home and our kids and the fact that he was able to use his hotel points accumulated from work travel, it worked wonderfully for us. Far enough to not do laundry, close enough to respond to any emergencies that might have popped up, and FREE! Anyway, when David went to the hotel room early to set it up he grabbed a Holland Sentinel newspaper from the front desk for us to read later. We cancelled our newspaper over two years ago as a cost savings measure and haven’t read one, especially a Holland Sentinel, in that time. Fast forward to about 11:00 that night when we are getting ready for bed—I start reading through the paper. Intrigued by a front page story, I follow it to page 2, then start skimming page 3, then page 4, then OH-MY-GOODNESS-DAVE-COME-LOOK-AT-THIS! WE are on page 4!!! There was a 14” story smack in the middle of the page about the family and community behind Min Zhi Monday. I had spoken to someone from the paper about possibly putting something in the local section about Min Zhi Monday for free advertisement. Little did I know that it was going to be an official story, complete with quotes from all the businesses that are coming alongside us.

Now, if you consider how long it has been since we have read a local paper, and how long it has been since we have been in a “hotel just the two of us”, and the fact that we didn’t even know that there would be a story covering our adoption of our daughter, it was a moment that we just sat in awe of how God brings things together. We continue to trust that HE will bring us together with our daughter with as much flair as he has shown us thus far.

Praise be to God!

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