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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Went Out with Pink Posters, Came Home with Abundant Blessings!

In preparation for our upcoming fundraisers, I sent my boys out to post the hot pink signs around town. Although they have posted them on lamp posts, in storefront windows, and on message boards in the past, I also wanted to have them posted in the local churches. Two of the three Reformed churches in the area just accepted the posters, but for the third one, Austin had the opportunity to talk to the head pastor. Pastor John Byker had adopted a daughter from Vietnam through Operation Babylift back in 1975, and he also has a son who has adopted from Haiti as well! After talking for 10 minutes or so, Pastor Byker then prayed over Austin for another 10 minutes! Not only did he bless my son (and me!) through conversation and prayer, he has committed to bless us by posting our info for Min Zhi Monday on the overhead announcements before both services this Sunday, he will include the info and a photo of our daughter in their electronic newsletter, and has invited us to take part in their Sunday night service this weekend! He will introduce us to their church, pray for us, and make a verbal announcement about Min Zhi Monday!

We are floored, we are humbled, and we are blessed!

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