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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's coming!

Starting next month (hopefully!) we will be starting a new fund raiser. If you know anything about me, you know that I am a true coffee addict. I very often can't wait to go to bed at night so that I can wake up and have my morning coffee! And I am no longer satisfied with the Folgers or Maxwell House near a Starbucks and not having a lower cost alternative while in Shanghai took care of that. David has dubbed me a "coffee snob"--not a connoisseur, mind you, that would insinuate that I know what I am talking about when discussing the finer points of coffee. I just like it STRONG and BLACK...not foo-foo coffees for me.

SO, now that you know a bit more about what keeps me going, I am going to offer it to you too, as well as an opportunity to help us bring Min Zhi home now and Ethiopian orphans in the future. An adoptive family has started a business roasting, grinding, and selling coffee in 1# bags from their on-line storefront. They set this up to help families through the financial part of adoption. It isn't ready quite yet, but HOPEFULLY by next week we will be able to order it, try it, and let you know how to buy your bags! When you log in using our name, our account will be credited.

Please check back soon--more info to follow,

Your friendly coffee snob,



  1. I love coffee! I'm looking fwd to trying it

  2. Hi, I am glad I found your blog. We adopted our daughter from Wuzhou last year and I have several pictures of your daughter! She is such a cutie! Wuzhou SWI is a wonderful orphanage and I am sure that your daughter will get everything you send her. I have pictures of your daughter watching Sydney (my daughter) look at her photobooks from us. They are very well cared for at Wuzhou! I am on the Wuzhou group too! I can give you tons of tips and anser any questions you might have! Congratulations!!