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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WAITING in Hamilton

Day 42, and not a peep from the CCAA yet. I have been in contact with the agency also, so it is not a matter that they forgot to notify us. I know that the Moon Festival is this week, and it is the 60th anniversary since Chairman Mao set up the People's Republic of China. Two big celebrations, no chance that the CCAA will be working on the first of October! I must remind myself of this and start hoping for a phone call next week when the celebrations are over.

Last week David sent our photo album and letter to Min Zhi. I know that she can't contact us, but OH how I wish I knew if she got it, what she thought of it, of US...

In my bible study this week I was reminded that very often once we are called to obey we enter a desert place for a time. Look at Jesus; he obeyed in baptism and then went to the desert for a 40 day fast! Abram obeyed God, left his homeland and traveled to an unknown destination. Noah obeyed God, built a boat, and was saved from the immediate rains, but then he sat... I feel like we are still working through the obedience part--there are still documents to fill out and then fill out again when the computer dies and takes all the files with it, money to grow on trees and harvest for payments, endless rounds of the "name game". I don't like this stage, as I don't know when it will be over. The next stage of bringing OUR DAUGHTER home is so mixed with excitement and thrills and fears of the unknown that I am trying to be careful not to wish any time away, trying to cherish my family as I know it today, trying to be content with the process.
BUT, then I think of my little girl over there without a family to love her, without a mother to hug her and tuck her in at night, without a hope for a future and my heart starts its palpitations all over again and I start hovering over the phone, just in case it might ring...

I will now go find my place in my family and thank God for the blessings he has entrusted to me thus far.

Until later,


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