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Monday, November 16, 2009

It’s Official!!!

We are LOA for Min Zhi and frantically paperchasing for Xi Fan!

Xi Fan turns 14 by January 20, so we will travel before then!

I just was granted the possibility to become the mom of 6 in the next 9 weeks!!!

All my best,



  1. Awesome!!! I can't wait to follow this amazing journey!!! You are so blessed and these two girls will be so loved! God is good!

  2. We adopted a 13/14 year old this past January. She turned 14 on 1/20/09. We had 9 DAYS to get everything together. (Locked her file 12/31/08, left for China 1/9/09.)

    You can do it! :-)


  3. Oh My, Oh My!!! Now I get to go back to the sites I posted on and give a big happy update that she has a family!! I was on RQ and Holt International (our first agency, love them too and now love MAA who found our son!) I know there were some other sites, can't remember now.

    My daughter shares the same birthday as yours and so does Joy's daughter, the above poster!! Thank you, thank you Amy, and Dave and Andrew and the rest of your kind family!!