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Friday, December 4, 2009


Our new girls! 

Min Zhi will become Amanda Beth MinZhi (Mandy is close in sound to MinZhi)

Xi Fan will become Hope Katherine XiFan (against all hope, we chose to hope for Hope!)

All the kids in our family have names starting either with an A or an H, so the girls will have their part of our immediate family’s heritage.
Beth is my sister’s name, and Katherine is David’s (maternal) grandmother’s middle name, so they will have their part of our extended family’s heritage.
They will keep their names as their second middle names, so they will retain their Chinese heritage.

We chose to involve our kids in picking out the names. Talk about difficult! It never failed that when some liked one name, the others HATED it. We finally arrived at the place that the majority of the kids are ok with the names with only one disliking each selection.  For all the hassle, however, we felt it was important for everyone to be involved, as the adoptions are affecting everyone.

Just wanted to share a bit of our excitement!

All my best,

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