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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Got Word!!!!

I just heard from our agency that Xi Fan’s referral was transferred to WACAP and that we have pre-pre approval for her!  I also heard that since the CCAA is now aware of the time sensitive nature to our case that we may get our pre-approval this week, plus possibly our LOA for Xi Fan as well!!! I am doing the happy dance in my kitchen and can’t seem to wipe this silly grin off my face!
Min Zhi’s paperwork is on hold right now, as we need to submit both at the same time since we are using one dossier. I have never felt so peaceful about being told that I need to wait for one of my daughter’s paperwork to be submitted!
To every person that told me not to worry about the adoption process and timetable while we were waiting for our LOA for Min Zhi—Thank YOU! Had we raced forward (like I wanted) we wouldn’t be getting Xi Fan! 
Going to dance more circles!!!
All my best,


  1. Wow that is amazing news! I have been checking the blog all the time to see what was happening. It reminds of that saying that if you pray for patience, rather than just giving it to us He will put you in a situation that teaches us how to be. What a lesson it can be but what an amazing outcome. I look forward to following all the updates.

  2. OH, again I'm crying! What exciting news! Isn't Sara wonderful?? She makes me so very happy that we are a Madison family.

  3. Just found your blog from LCC. We are in a similar situation, onlu not aging out. Using same HS for 2 kids, 2 agencies, 2 trips. I'll be following along and praying for you. Janet