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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy 2-Year Homecoming!

It is SO hard to remember life without our Hope and Amanda!!! Has it only been two years? It seems like forever.
At the same time, it is incredible to think of all that the girls have accomplished in two years:
Became conversational in English (Amanda had NO English upon arrival and Hope depended on Google translate)
Found their niche in our family—Amanda as a virtual twin of Hannah J
Amanda discovered that she has an imagination (once again—NO imaginary skills upon arrival!)
Hope went from “showing effort” in middle school to pulling straight “A”s in high school
Amanda competing in Bible Quiz Bowl for AWANA and achieving 2nd place out of 9 teams (this included standing on a stage and giving answers into a microphone!)

These are just a sampling of what they have accomplished—which doesn’t really define who they are. Hope is SO MUCH like me—I continually remark how much she is like her mom—because there are likenesses that go way beyond the physical. She is also a LOT like her closest brother, Andrew. They are probably more like virtual twins than either would admit. I hope they realize it soon and learn to embrace the relationship they could have!

David just mentioned that he can’t imagine life without “the girls”. I can, but the only way I could describe it would be flat. These girls have brought dimension to our family and to ME that is beyond measure. I can imagine life without them, but I certainly wouldn’t want it!

To my beautiful Asian Daughters—Hope Katherine XiFan and Amanda Beth MinZhi—Welcome Home!!!

All my best,

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  1. Hard to believe it has been two years, Congratulations!!!!Life would be flat with out our China additions, they are such a blessing!